Three Rivers provides software solutions exclusively for the cotton industry...

and we've been doing it since 2003

David Brown founded the company in 2003 when merchants were looking for a solution to a changing industry. David had been introduced to the industry ten years earlier and had worked on various cotton projects during that time. He saw this as an opportunity to build a business doing what he loves in a facinating industry. He and those initial merchants built an application and began introducing the project to other merchants. Each year a new merchant joined the design effort, and each new customer added value by introducing new features and requirements. The process was repeated for serveral years, never adding more than one merchant a season so the focus remained on building a great system.

Eric Johnson joined Three Rivers as a developer in 2011 and has ever since been an integral part of the growth of the company.

Located in the Montgomery area in Alabama, we enjoy serving twenty cotton merchants with a great product. We will continue to work hard to keep our reputation as good develpers who care about service and support.